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Al-Raai Plastic Works is the leading manufacturer equipped with the “European Extrusion System” to produce quality uPVC pipes and fittings in Pakistan since 1974 by the pioneer of this unit Haji Shabbir Ahmed (Late) and Haji Ali Hassan, under the brand name “POLO PIPES”. POLO pipes and fittings are based on advanced polymer chemistry made from a specialist Thermoplastic known chemically as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC). Polo uPVC system design and standards incorporate significant engineering safety factors, which should translate to a long service life. POLO distribution systems made from superior quality uPVC are used in high rise applications, hotels/motels, and apartment buildings, single and multi-family houses and also in the industrial, commercial and also all type of public amenities in Pakistan. For these growth pipelines are needed to convey water and sewerage and to protect telecommunication and electrical cables. In order to fulfill this need Al-Raai Plastic Works formed with an aim of producing a full range of quality uPVC pipes & fittings conforming to internationally recognized standards, i.e. ASTM D-2241 SDR-Series, D-1785 Sch-40 & Sch-80, BSS-3505 & BSS-4514, and Pakistan Standards PSS-3051. Our pipes and fittings are proven with more than 40 years of successful service history of trouble free performances assure the reliability of distribution system. Notable advantages of uPVC pipes and fittings supply water at temperatures upto 73oF (23oC) and it is not susceptible to corrosion, electrolysis or scale build-up in areas where water, soil and atmospheric conditions are aggressive.

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